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  • GoGoChart x ChinaJoy

    Great to meet the GoGoChart team again :)
    And good to hear they are going to the ChinaJoy in August!

  • The Town !!!

    It is our pleasure to get invoked within

  • The Town Is Coming To Santa Claus

  • CodingCat Citi Open API Information Day

    We are glad to be invited by Citibank to join their Citi Open API Information Day!
    Great talk and trying to get invoked
    CodingCat@Citi Open API Information Day

  • Information website promotion

    If you are needing a website to display information that doesn't require CMS, we are here for you!
    We are holding a promotion to serve you by prices as lowest as HKD 1,000 per website (extra HKD 150 monthly charge to join Google Cloud hosting platform).
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  • Makes some noices in year 2018
    (the year of Dog!!! MEOW!!!)

    We decided to revamp our branding to serve not only in private.
    We have moved our office (from San PO Kong) to San PO Kong and finally got time to maintain our website!


The Cats

Coding Cat comic

Shall we add this feature to the site?

But how about the backend...

Yeah... It affect the frontend design as well...

Let's think outside the box!


I miss the box already...

Me too...

The Cat

This is WAR...

It is an interesting story I have heard, one of our colleagues shared his interview experience to us. The very first line in the interview is 'do you fight?'.

He was interviewing for an in-house software project manager, and the description of the job duty is so general, maintain, improve and enhance existing systems, design and develop new systems according to user requirements.

But then the whole picture becomes more clear, the reason behind that question is, there is a daily peak period of the company from 4 to 6 am.
When he had to maintain the existing system to ensure they can survive the coming peak, they can't achieve this simple-normal task day by day.

Most solid days ever, no system is bug-free, some could be simply patched but most are not maintainable.
We did what we could to patch or revamp the systems, hope for the best if they won't crash, and standby at 4am everyday to provide real time support...
The salary is quite attractive but I can barely recall I slept in my home at that time. -- My colleague

Yup, this is crazy but you can't survive a single night if you don't fight.

If you think you are being underemstimated, you are not. I love to say this line to my colleagues, I always say this is your responsibility to let the others know how powerful are you. If your boss, manager or colleagues cannot realise what you can or cannot do, this is your problem.

You have to show off your skill or knowledge, solve some issues that others can't.
While your colleagues are spending a whole day to discuss what is wrong and how to fix, you are not being underestimated if you joined them. You WILL NOT being underestimated if you are the one who spent ten minutes to locate the issue and deploy the patch.

Here in Coding Cat, we are all warriors, we build, we kill, we FIGHT.

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